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Your local, Dayton photographer captured in a self-portrait headshot. Bringin your personal portrait sessions to a beautiful and professional reality.
Above the Fray Imaging & Photography

About Me

Your Local Photographer in Dayton, Ohio

Hi! My name is Robb and photography is what I love!

I've spent my life doing some wild and adventurous things and sometimes wishing I was able to keep those memories in a more permanent way. From my first time traveling the world as a soldier in the military and seeing beautiful sights and wonders that captivate your attention and embed themselves in your mind, to traveling the world today on my own and capturing gorgeous images to remember forever, I have learned to love what I do and to photograph it while I'm doing it!

Whether you are looking for a family portrait to adorn your office, conference room, or living room wall or you want to immortalize a precious moment in your life to display for all to see... I can help you capture those images and make your vision a reality.

I utilize some of the best in industry equipment and harness the latest trends and styles so I can capture your portraits for a lifetime of memories.

How can we work together to make your vision a reality?

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