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Train as You would fight

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

So, you popped on here and the first image you see is a man kayaking on a river?

Well, this is probably NOT what you expected to see when you popped onto a portrait photographers page, hopped over to his blog and started checking out his posts. I’m sure you may have been expecting something more along the lines of, “5 Tips for perfect hair during your photo session,” or maybe, “Catching that perfect pose as the sun sets.” I’m sure those will wind up here as well, but today I wanted to talk just a minute on how it is that I do what I do and why it should matter to you!

So, you popped on and the first image you see is a man kayaking on a river? Yup! That’s right. A man Kayaking on the river. But what sets this image apart from any other action shot out there from any other photographer? Well, quite frankly, I had never intended on taking this picture! I was on a stroll down at the Riverscape in Dayton, just kind of wandering around with some of my gear and looking to see what caught my eye. The sun started to get to that point where it casts this magnificent, golden hue over everything that it touches. Then, I turn around and see these two guys, in downtown Dayton, at the Riverscape complex, on the Greater Miami River, kayaking and surfing! I happened to have my super-telephoto lens already on my camera because I like to be off in the distance if I happen to catch a unique moment and not want to seem so intrusive. I did some super-fast calculations, raised my lens, and voila! A fantastic snap of a downtown kayaker during golden hour with almost no prep...other than being prepared!

“Do you have an idea in mind for your perfect photo session? Whether you prefer a trendy sun washed look or you’re going for a more traditional styling - there’s a stunning option for everyone. As your professional portrait photographer I'll get you where you need to be!”

So, how does that translate to you as you look for the best photographer to fit your needs?

Easy! How prepared is your photographer to capture that once in a lifetime shot? Is he/she constantly honing their art? Can they adjust on the fly and still capture a fantastic image? Are they going to be able to adapt to your session without missing a beat? Do you trust them enough to not miss an opportunity that they were never expecting in the first place? In the military we learned to, “Train as you would fight.” And I still try to live up to that every day. Training as though every photo I take is for the client who demands the highest quality and expectations...and then exceed even those standards!

As you search for the professional photographer that meets the highest expectations and exacting standards that you require, no, that you demand from someone you are entrusting to catch you at your very best, will they rise up to the challenge or fall flat in disappointment? Above the Fray Imaging & Photography strives to stay prepared, ready and trained to meet the highest standards out there...because I also strive to set those same standards in all that I do! Reach out today. Ask us some questions you might have. Pick my brain for shoot locations and ideas for your best photo session ever. Let us help you keep your best foot forward to anyone who sees your photos!

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