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Where do we go from here?

With the dog days of summer already upon us and social distancing now an actuality in every day life, what on Earth can we do to make it through these sweltering times? Well, the answer may not be as hard as you think!

The hustle and bustle of everyday madness has seemed to come to somewhat of a slow since the onset of all of this craziness and the opportunities to get out and about while maintaining the requirements put in place during this crazy time can be somewhat limiting, but opportunities still exist to enjoy the summer activities, have some fun and not violate the limitations many places have put into action to help curb the viciousness of the current situation. Look right in your backyard or neighborhood! The two guys in the picture below have found an interesting way to enjoy themselves, cool off and follow the recommended precautions without a lot of travel or expense to enjoy their hobbies!

These guys grabbed their gear and headed to one of Dayton's Metro Parks and hit the Riverscape to have a good time, cool off and enjoy themselves doing what they love! When you think of Dayton, kayaking and surfing are probably not at the forefront of recreational activities to pass the time in this historic town, but these guys prove otherwise. The took their gear and found a great spot right in the heart of the Gem City and plopped down into the Great Miami River to enjoy a little sun and surf!

Right off of the river walk and concert pavilion they found a nice little set of rapids that were easily accessible yet wide enough to thoroughly enjoy themselves and maintain their social distancing. The water flows fast enough to be a nice little challenging workout yet slows at a point close enough to swing back around and hit from a different spot and make it fun and enjoyable for hours of entertainment and keeping cool in the dog days of summer. As this surfer demonstrates, he was able to catch the curl, paddle around and just have an all around great time in the heart of downtown.....surfing!

And the kayaker is in the same boat...excuse the pun. Enjoying an stretch of rapids and splashing that keeps him cool, entertained and socially distance right there just off of one of Dayton's premier summer concert hot spots at the Riverscape. Rapids, relaxation, cooling off and maintaining the bounds of the social distancing mandates.

And another perk of spots like this is the fact that there are food and ice cream vendors within a short walk of the spot to maintain the fun once the splashing is done. So, the next time you're looking for something a little different or out of the ordinary to pass you time and everything interesting seems so far away, don't write off the fun and entertainment available right in your own backyard! It just might surprise what is available right out your own back door! Stay safe!

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